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imagine steve rogers finding out people were saying that girls and women shouldn’t wear captain america merchandise and uploading a youtube video of him that consists of like seven minutes of him reading the stupid comments out loud in silly voices and laughing

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25 Days of Miranda challenge, in no particular order.
Day 4: Favourite actress

"Knowing the series is liked is just amazing. It’s hard to take on board to be honest. The main reason I got in to comedy was in the hope that I could make a few people laugh and feel better about life and the fact that I do that is quite overwhelming really. So when I struggle during the writing process it really spurs me on that people want to see more and I try and work as hard as possible to honour the support of audiences. It can feel like pressure too as I don’t want to let people down. But I have always thought of comedy as an important job and medium and so I put pressure on myself to do the best I can."

Miranda Hart (x)

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